Curriculum Vitae

2011 - present:
An official advisor for the Visual & Performing Arts for the Santa Monica-Malibu School District, designing, webmastering, and creating the content for a web site for all the arts in all the schools.
This smartphone friendly, easily navigated site has been very well received.

2004 - present
Executive Committee Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Sundays Live.

2003 to 2011:
Publicity, and the production and editing of the audio and video, for the Santa Monica Symphony, including a PBS broadcast.
Changed the audience demographic to all ages and segments of the community resulting in the Symphony's five successive grants from The National Endowment for the Arts.
Received the MVP Award from the Association of California Symphony Orchestras for popularizing classical music.

2001 - present
Voting member of the British Academy of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA).

Chosen to be keynote speaker and MC by McDonnell-Douglas for their 50th Anniversary celebration for the DC3.

1984 - present
Pironeering developer of digital technology for publishing, the visual arts, and the internet, with over 500 art and technology articles and reviews in print magazines.
Digitally painted portraits and animations for the movies, network television, and major magazines.
April 2012: Digitally painted portraits in the new movie 'Marley'.
April 16, 2012: Another painting of the Royal Family in People Magazine.

1982 - 1984
Articles and photography on the culture of Spain and the Greek Island of Crete.

1981- on
Elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
Elected Fellow of the N.Y. Explorers Club

1979 - 81
Post-doctoral study in Oxford while writing articles.

1977 - 78
Photo-ethnographic study of the traditional Irish way of life with its arts and occupations. Text and photographs for many articles.
Guide Book to traditional life in Connemara, on the west coast of Ireland.

1976 - on
For the British Government, widely published articles, with the text and photography, creatively popularizing products and tourist destinations, including travel on the inland waterways.
Saved family farmhouse cheeses by creating an export market for them with articles published around the world. (Specialty cheeses from those family farms are now sold in Trader Joes, Whole Foods, etc.)

1976 for as long as it existed
Kodak's Image Bank was worldwide agent for the art and photography.
(The art and photography is now agented by Corbis.)

1973- 74
J. Paul Getty's photographer of his Malibu Museum of Art.
Text and photographs of the museum and its art published worldwide in magazines, and in newspapers such as the NY Times.

1959 -
First book published by Harper and abroad.
Text, photographs, drawings and painting from foreign travel to unfrequented places.

1957 - on
Foreign correspondent, photographer, artist, and author in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
Consultant on security:
Analyzed and prepared the materials for the FBI that led to the capture of its Most Wanted, Whitey Bulger in 2011.

1968 - to present
Working with LA's editors, creating articles, advertising, and photographs customized to their publication, with the text and images ready to drop into their Quark layout.

1954 - on
Leader and team player in group endeavors.
Beginning as University Student Council member and Honor Dorm President, and continuing through the present day with letters of thanks from notable people for doing a great job and being so enjoyable to work with.

BA, summa cum laude, first in class, Washington University 1964
Ford Foundation Fellowship for accelerated study
MA, Washington University 1964
All University Fellow
PhD, Claremont Graduate University 1968
Haynes Multi-Discilinary Fellow

- Not included in this CV are the recent publishers of scholarly books including Oxford University Press, that have her work.
- D'Lynn Waldron had no association with that ballet about her that recently toured Europe and had 'her' in cowboy boots like the heroine of Rodeo.